Encounter Variations 1

by S. A. Fred

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A few years ago I started making "Live" jam style tracks using Audio Mulch and released these as monthly podcasts. These were entitled the "Villingen Sessions", reflecting the jam style nature of them; as I followed a fairly strict rule of not overworking the tracks, preferring to capture the ideas as quick as possible. They were often composed, or arranged live using Audio Mulch's "Metasurface" feature, so occasionally there were a few mistakes, as well as happy accidents, such was the nature of the project.
The first few "Villingen Sessions" were called "Encounters", an idea inspired by watching Youtube videos of the "Disclosure Project" (US former Military personal describing UFO encounters). So there was a mysterious, moody feel to the sound, ambient and surreal.
This mix is a revisit to those "Encounter" tracks, specifically "Encounter Part 1". I remixed the original track but decided to go further by seeing how much material I could mine from the same sound sources; which ultimately was quite a lot!
So welcome then to some weird and wonky (thank you Mark Ryan from Amazing Beats for that quote!) audio trips, switch ears to "thinking listening" mode...


released December 10, 2013



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S. A. Fred Wells, UK

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